This is the homepage of Camille van den Berg

This page contains a number of subpages about some of my hobbies.


I'm a scientific analyst/programmer and work for my own company COMO. You can find my resume (CV) here.


I play the flute, and also teach it.
I have been flute intructor and teacher at a marching band called FBL, and made some pictures at one of their concerts (band night 2003).


I try to photograph as many species of birds from my apartment as I can. You can see some results on my Birds page.
There are also separate pages on birds I photographed on Crete and Colorado and Oregon.

For those interested in my home city, Leiden, here is a small photo impression.

For those interested in my father's Paintings, here are a few examples.

Some pictures I took with the theme seasons.

Old slides I scanned, just for their beauty.

And finally there is a small selection of pictures I took on a previous holiday in Boulder, Colorado (june 2002).


You can find my Might and Magic IX site here; go to the frames version, or the one without frames.

And there are spoiler pages for Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (the USA version is called Heretic Kingdoms: the Inquisition).

I've made a few spoilers for a roguelike game called Crawl, which can be found here.


If you're chatting with someone across the Atlantic Ocean, you might want to convert temperatures, distances etc.
A small converter page might help you.