Birds in Rethymnon, Crete and surroundings

My 'Birds around my House' site has been online for somewhat over a year now, and since I still like working on it, I decided to add a site for the birds I photographed during my holiday in Rethymnon, Crete, Greece this May. Since that holiday happened fairly suddenly, I wasn't really prepared, so I just shot everything around me to figure out later what the names are. After processing all my pictures (almost 1600 in 2 weeks), I've ended up with some 45 birds photographed, and a few more only spotted. This will by no means be exceptional, but might give a fair impression what you might commonly run in to on Crete.

Since I didn't rent a car (not enough driving experience to want to try it abroad), most trips were either around Rethymnon on foot (Kastellaki, Xiro Chorio, Chromonastiri, Prasses), with excursions (Samaria and Imbros Gorge), or a few solo trips with the local bus (Arkadi, Spili, Kournas).

All pictures were taken with a Nikon D300, and with either a Sigma 18-200, or a Nikon ED 70-300 lens.

The order that I list the birds in is the same as in the book I use: "ANWB Vogelgids van Europa" by Mullarney, Svensson, Zetterstroem and Grant.
The english names of the birds I looked up at the Mangoverde World Bird Guide, and I used Birds of Crete to doublecheck my identifications.

If you want to know more details about the picture, like the camera settings, you can save the picture (right click on it) and open it with a viewer that supports EXIF information (like Irfanview). But please contact me if you want to use my pictures elsewhere.

For remarks, compliments(!), and questions you can email me.