Birds of Colorado and Oregon

This page lists all birds I've photographed during my holidays in the USA, visiting friends in Colorado and Oregon. Most pictures were taken on my recent holiday (June 2011), but some pictures are from an earlier visit (May & June 2006), because I either haven't managed to photograph those birds this time (e.g. brown-headed cowbird), or I got a better shot at it a previous time.

The order in which the birds are listed is mostly based on the taxonomy (Biological classification) of Orders & Families, but because of the limited amount of birds, I've grouped several orders and families that appear similar or have similar habitats.

For each bird I list the English and Latin names, and also the Dutch. These I found on , the Dutch species list, the Catalogue of Life, and some generic species names I found using Google Translate and Google search for Dutch pages.

Most pictures from 2011 were taken with a Nikon D300, and a Nikon ED 70-300 lens, though a few were taken with my compact camera Panasonic TMC-DZ7 (recognizable by _P in the name), the pictures from 2006 were taken with a Nikon D70S with a Sigma 18-200.

With a better camera and lens, the resulting cropped pictures are larger as well, and my old system of resizing all pictures wider than 600 pixels was meaning I would have to give up detail level on many pictures. So this time I let the browser resize all pictures to 400 pixels wide, and allow the user to click on the pictures to see them full size. The full-size picture opens in a new window or tab, so closing it will return the user to the bird pages overview. (Actually I still did resize some of the pictures that were simply too large to comfortably view in a browser.)

If you want to know more details about the picture, like the camera settings, you can save the picture (right click on it) and open it with a viewer that supports EXIF information (like Irfanview). But please contact me if you want to use my pictures elsewhere.

At the end of the list, there are a number of birds I haven't identified yet (and that I think have a chance of being identified). If you identify them, please let me know.

For remarks, compliments(!), and questions you can email me.

All pictures are made by me (unless explicitly listed); please don't use them without prior permission.