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The books are sorted chronologically, as far as I could figure it out:
Timeline displays the year(s) in which the described events took place, to my best knowledge, starting with year 0 being the death of the God.
Currently it is 1000 years after the beginning. With thanks for the precise dates to 3D People.
A number of books I haven't found in the game until now.
name timeline price text found
The Godslayer 0 100 It is said that until the God of the Land was killed by its blade, the Godslayer was but an ordinary sword. Its wielder, a hero named Arkor whose motives are lost to history, died at the very moment the God died – and at that point the Godslayer was born. Monastery, Chasm
Simultaneously, the great power of the God dissipated. Some say that this power was infused into every aspect of the world, and remains there to this day. Their proof is the Macula – the mark of the Dead God, which began to appear upon the skin of newborn children soon after the God’s death. That the Scarred can wield magic is fact - but can this magical power be the very essence of the Dead God?
The Legendary City of Arken 0-700 250 The city of Arken was founded by the family of Arkor Godslayer, at the site of his birth, after he met his death whilst killing his god. Kyallisar, Penta Nera, Krenze
Though the next century was hard, as ambitious warlords and Scarred mages vied for power over the Heretic Kingdoms, Arken eventually prospered. Under the reign of the Garulian God-Emperors, it was considered the jewel of Corwenth – though Garul I made sure to control any known person of the bloodline of Arkor.
After seven centuries, however, Arken was invaded by Garulian forces seeking to quell the First Corwenth Rebellion. Simultaneously, Taryn Arkor seized the Godslayer and declared himself Theocrat. Terrified by this event, the Garulian soldiers sacked Arken for riches before fleeing.
Taryn, descendant of Arkor, declared that in return for their destruction of his ancestor’s city, all Garulians must perish. In this way did he use history to justify his lust for power and blood.
Arken was never rebuilt.
The Rise and Fall of the Garulian Empire - Volume I 100 50 Following the death of the God of the Land, a century of war raged, fuelled by the magic of those who bore the scar as they came of age and realised their power. Monastery,Church
This ended when a powerful war-leader named Garul rose in the North. At great expense, he recruited strong Sura mercenaries from the West, and proceeded to crush his opposition. Defeating the descendants of Arkor, he captured the Godslayer and declared himself God-Emperor Garul I. He named his northern territories – the lands of his birth – Garulia.
He could not wield the Godslayer himself, of course. Only those of Arkor’s bloodline could touch the sword and live – and many died as Garul determined this. Rather than base his power upon the sword he sealed it away and ruled by ruthless force.
The Rise and Fall of the Garulian Empire - Volume II 100 50 Once he had established himself as a ruthless conqueror, Garul I banned all worship of the Dead God. Instead, all were forced to worship the God-Emperor himself. Thus the first age of the Heretic Kingdoms began. found in my house, Arathen, as "the first Corwenth rebellion - volume I"
Garul knew of the power of the Godslayer, but could conceive of no way to harness it. As it could only be touched by the descendants of Arkor, he realised that it was imperative to both maintain and control Arkor’s bloodline. Garul placed the Godslayer in a fortress he named the Reliquary, and kept those humbled descendants of Arkor that he had captured enchained there.
Six hundred years later, this bloodline would lead to the fall of the Garulian Empire.
The Rise and Fall of the Garulian Empire - Volume III 100-700 The Garulian Empire, ruled by a line of God-Emperors and God-Empresses, sustained for six more centuries. Then, in the time of God-Empress Koreth IV, one arose who would shake the Empire to destruction.
History fails to record the origins of Taryn Arkor. He claimed to be a pure descendant of Arkor Godslayer, and his twisted form suggests that this was true. Upon seizing the Godslayer sword, his course of action was clear – using the sacking of Arken by Garulian forces as an excuse, he set about his campaign to eradicate all traces of the Garulian Empire from the Heretic Kingdoms.
Thus began an age far more bloody and oppressive than the time of the Garulian Empire - the reign of the Theocrat.
The Rise and Fall of the Garulian Empire - Volume IV 700 The bloodline of Arkor had waited six centuries for their revenge upon the Garulian Empire - but once the Theocrat had gained power, it took him a mere sixty years to completely eradicate his enemies.
As Taryn Arkor’s armies hunted the Heretic Kingdoms for Garulians to butcher, the God-Emperor of that time retreated with his closest family and retainers to Sura lands. The Sura had traditionally been allies to the Garulians, the Garulian progenitor, Garul I, having used their unmatchable mercenaries in his decisive campaign. But the Sura work for riches, not loyalty, a fact of which Taryn was aware.
The masses of Garulia all but destroyed, the Theocrat lay siege to Sura castle to prevent the escape of the Garulian royal family. Nine months later, and their money exhausted, the Sura expelled the royal family into Taryn’s arms, to die.
Thus ended the Garulian Empire.
The First Corwenth Rebellion - Volume I 700 50 Seven centuries after the death of the God of the Land, the Heretic Kingdoms were firmly in control of the tyrannical Garulian Empire. Founded by Garul I, who had declared himself not just Emperor but God as well, the line of God-Emperors and Empresses soon became to believe that they were indeed divine. Arathen, my house
In the reign of God-Empress Koreth IV, the province of Corwenth rebelled against the Garulians. The Warlords of Corwenth joined in an uneasy alliance, and, protected by the mountains of the Sundered Shield to the north of Corwenth, prepared to defend their lands against their oppressors.
Guarding the only pass through the Sundered Shield, Kyallisar was key to the defence of Corwenth. It’s Warlord accepted payment from the Garulian forces, and opened his gates. Death was his reward, as Koreth couldn’t countenance traitors.
All expected Corwenth to be crushed by the brute force of the Garulian legions and their Sura allies.
The First Corwenth Rebellion - Volume II 700 50 As the Garulian forces, aided by the treacherous Warlord of Kyallisar, streamed into Corwenth, all seemed lost for the Corwenth rebellion. It was at this time that Taryn Arkor, a descendant of the pure bloodline of Arkor Godslayer, chose to offer his services to the people of Corwenth. War Camp
The frail, twisted man - his deformity a product of many years of inbreeding – claimed that he could defeat the Garulians and rescue Corwenth, if he had access to the Garulian Reliquary. The home of the Godslayer, this fortress was used as a repository for all the powerful and valuable artefacts gathered by the Garulians during their long history.
The Corwenth alliance agreed to this desperate plan, and put at Taryn’s disposal the greatest warriors and mages they could muster. But when the Reliquary was breached, Taryn contrived to kill these heroes, and steal the Godslayer for himself.
The First Corwenth Rebellion - Volume III 700 50 Taryn Arkor, whose veins ran with the blood of Arkor Godslayer, had contrived to gain possession of his ancestor’s fabled sword. Wielding it, he took upon the aspect of Arkor, and became invincible. Kyallisar, Penta Nera, Krenze
Taryn waded through the blood of his enemies, slaying the God-Empress Koreth IV, and declaring himself Theocrat of the Heretic Kingdoms. All were forced to bow down to him - to worship him as their new living god.
Upon learning that Garulian forces had sacked the ancestral city of his people, Arken, the Theocrat began his campaign of genocide against the Garulian people.
The Reliquary Crusade 700 Unable to hold off Garulian forces after the betrayal of Kyallisar during the First Rebellion, Corwenth faced disaster. Rescue was proposed by the mysterious, twisted Taryn Arkor, who took a small band of Corwenth’s mightiest heroes and penetrated the Garulian Reliquary, resting place of the Godslayer sword.
But Taryn tricked the heroes. Once they had secured his passage to the Godslayer, he took it for himself, and set about slaying those who had aided him. Of the great heroes of that era, only Mara Valkarin escaped the Reliquary alive.
Having beheld the danger and the power of the Theocrat, and of the religion he intended to embody, she swore that she would live to see his fall.
The Monks of the Sword 705 80 Though the Theocrat wielded immense power, granted by the Godslayer, his life could only be preserved by the power of that sword – and the power of the sword demanded blood to fuel its appetite. Monastery, Chasm
Taryn found that coating the blade in the blood of the line or Arkor - the blood of his own line - rejuvenated its powers. In order to delay his death indefinitely, he therefore required a constant supply of the blood of Arkor descendents.
He founded the Monks of the Sword, building for them a monastery to the north of Corwenth. These monks, exclusively male, were periodically bred with the Theocrat’s own courtesans. Male children were raised at the monestary. Female children were held captive until puberty, at which point they were sacrificed to the sword.
Thus the Theocrat maintained his vigour for an unnaturally long lifetime.
The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil - Volume I 705 1000 Mara Valkarin was the only survivor of the Theocrat’s betrayal during the Reliquary Crusade. Having seen his lust for power, she dedicated herself to his destruction - and to the end of all religion. Kyallisar, Penta Nera, Valkarin
To this end, she formed the Order of the Veil, a secret society headed by five powerful figures, called the Penta Nera. Each of these figures had a public life, often apparently supporting the Theocrat’s regime. Behind Taryn’s back, they plotted his downfall.
To depose a God takes time; though the Scarred are long-lived, the Penta Nera required more to achieve their ends. They exposed themselves regularly and ritualistically to pure essence to power their ambitions.
The Life of Quova, the Scarred Outcast - Volume I 760 1000 Quova began his life with the Sura, at Blackrock Castle. How he came to be there is unknown. It is known that he was trained until the age of twelve by a Sura shaman - for Quova bore the Macula, and the promise of great power as a mage. Red Cliff Mountains, Necromancer's chambers
772 At twelve, nearly eight hundred years after the death of the God, Quova was taken as apprentice to a powerful Civil Necromancer, Sice Larwan. Sice’s public face was that of a man dedicated to his Theocrat. But he secretly plotted the downfall of Taryn Arkor as High Sage of the Order of the Veil.
Quova was not Sice’s sole apprentice. Mara Valkarin’s only child, Serge Valkarin, also studied under the necromancer. He and Quova soon became friends.
The Life of Quova, the Scarred Outcast - Volume II 800 1000 Thirty years after Quova became Sice’s apprentice, Sice was discovered by the Theocrat as a traitor, and murdered by Shadowhand assassins. Having anticipated this event, he survived as an undead lich and withdrew from the Penta Nera. Frozen Lair (Sura Wastes)
Quova took the role of High Sage in his master’s place, gaining access to a wealth of knowledge. Seeking power, he secretly partook of vast amounts of pure Essence, in defiance of the strictest laws of the Penta Nera.
820 The power warped him, becoming uncontrollable. In his pained rampage, he slew Mara Valkarin founder of the Order. Afterwards, and grief-stricken, Quova appealed to Serge Valkarin to aid in his escape. Only after helping his friend did Serge discover that Quova had slain his mother.
Pursued by Baron Evanger, who also advocated Valkarin’s death for his role in Quova’s escape, the Scarred Outcast fled to his ancient home of Blackrock.
The Life of Quova, the Scarred Outcast - Volume III 821 1000 Hunted by the Penta Nera, Quova chose to hide at the Oracle, deep in the Red Smoke mountains. He met and quickly fell in love with the seeress, Cassandra. Enter Arken Coliseum (not always?)
She prophesied to Quova:
One day you will stand before the Messiah. She shall be of the Bloodline of Arkor, and Scarred. If she wields the Godslayer, the Dead God shall be reborn.
Quova became obsessed with this prophecy. Though this obsession worried Cassandra, her love for Quova resulted in a child. Strengthened by this, Quova began to learn of Cassandra’s religious teaching.
Quova began to meditate. Although the Penta Nera trained all their members to master their demon forms, since his elicit saturation in essence Quova had been unable to control his own demon. Cassandra’s teachings enabled Quova  to master the irrepressible forces within.
The Life of Quova, the Scarred Outcast - Volume IV 823 Quova settled at the Oracle with his love, Cassandra, and their daughter, Alexandra. His meditations upon Cassandra’s teachings led him to finally control the power of the Essence that raged within him.
826 Eventually, Baron Tar Evanger of the Penta Nera found him.
Cassandra prophesied to Evanger:
Your hatred of Quova shall destroy you, just as you will destroy me.
Killing Cassandra, Evanger continued his pursuit of a grief-stricken Quova, who hid with his old teacher Sice Larwan, now an undead lich, in a nameless mine in the Sundered Shield. Here Quova spent fifty years in meditation and contemplation, trying to overcome the grief of his loss and the rage that burned inside.
Annals of the Cult of the Eternal God 877 1000 After fifty years of meditation, Quova emerged from Sice Larwan’s shelter, and rode once more into the world. His self-appointed quest was to locate the messiah, she who – as foretold in Cassadra’s prophecy – had the power to become the resurrected God of the Land. Enter Arken Coliseum (not always?)
To this end, Quova formed the Cult of the Eternal God. He accepted followers, testing those he chose using the Essence stolen from the Penta Nera. Some died, but some became transformed. Still, he searched for the messiah.
928 Fifty years of searching passed from the day of Quova’s forming of the Cult of the Eternal God. At this time, Quova found a bedraggled man walking almost senseless, a child in his arms. This man gave his name as Talion. Talion, tested by Essence, survives; the child - his daughter, Carissa - was too young to be tested.
Icco’s Tragic Romances: Niri and Talion 923 But I belong to the Theocrat! sighed Niri Cantrech in agony, her perfect bosom heaving with emotion. She had spent but a single night with the handsome man who lay beside her... and already she loved him. But what a doomed love!
As do I  I, a Monk of the Sword. Yet I will defy him! I will take you from this place! Be patient my love " I will return for you!"
Niri swooned, her heart beating hard in her breast as the monk was led away. The ghost of his kiss fluttered upon her lips, the ache of his touch burned her skin. She would wait for him... as would the daughter gestating within her!
She knew that he would come again. And when he did, she swore, she would die before he left her twice.
The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil - Volume II 925 1000 Talion’s daughter Carissa was raised as a child of the Cult, slowly becoming disillusioned. She grew to be a rebellious young woman, spending more and more time away from the Cult. In her twentieth year she met a man named Sollan – the man who had replaced Mara Valkarin as High Mage of the Order of the Veil. Kyallisar, Penta Nera, Carissa
945 Carissa quickly fell in love with Sollan. Although they would later grow apart, she believed in him enough to betray the laws of her youth and reveal the location of the Cult of the Eternal God to him.
The Penta Nera quickly dispatched Evanger to destroy the cult, an aim which he achieved almost single-handedly. However, to Evanger’s frustration, Quova escaped him once again.
The Fall of the Theocrat - Volume I 992 200 As time passed, the Theocrat slowly faded in power. Though still wielder of the Godslayer, and a danger to all within the Heretic Kingdoms, Taryn’s lust for power and destruction had waned with age. Kyallisar, Penta Nera, Krenze
Nearly three hundred years after the Theocrat’s initial rise to power, Kjellin Malfagon, Lord Protector of Corwenth, was approached by the Scarred Outcast. Quova had journeyed to Corwenth in disguise during his years of wandering after the near-destruction of the cult, and had met and befriended Malfagon as a child.
An alliance of unlikely allies moved to depose the Theocrat for good. Quova and Malfagon were aided by Kjellin’s son Morgan, and the notorious brigand Jasker the Wild Boar. Thus began the second rebellion.
The Fall of the Theocrat - Volume II 992 200 Kjellin Malfagon and his allies quickly amassed an army. It is possible that they received unseen aid in this from the Order of the Veil, who, though not friendly toward House Malfagon and openly hostile to Quova, desired the death of the Theocrat. Kyallisar, Penta Nera, Krenze
The alliance armies easily defeated the Theocrat’s troops, and marched upon Taryn’s stronghold. Quova and Kjellin attempted to kill the Theocrat, but before they could, Taryn was slain by his own chancellor.
Having dispatched the Theocrat himself, the chancellor attempted to take the life of the Scarred Outcast, but to the horror of Kjellin’s son, the Lord Protector gave his life to save his friend. The chancellor escaped as Quova and his men attempted to save their lord.
For lack of a better place, here is a short overview of the Order of the Veil:
The Order consists of 5 branches, and it's 5 heads are called the Penta Nera. The main goal is to eradicate religion.
The 5 branches are:
name head task previous leaders
Inquisitioners Valkarin Prosecute worship and idolatry
Preceptors Carissa Recruit new members Sice Lawran, Quova
Sages Krenze Record knowledge (and not use it)
Mages Sollan Gather knowledge,e.g. by experimenting. Sollan also presides meetings of the Penta Nera. Mara Valkarin
Executioners Evanger Sightless mages. Enforce the laws of the Order, and eliminate it's enemies.