Carg's Kult - Miscellaneous equipment

All small shields have block multiplier 1.25, medium have x1.5 and large have x2. The bigger, the more speed reduction.
Shield dodge multiplier is only used when wielding a fast or normal melee weapon or a fast focus (so not even when barehanded!)
But the penalty on attack speed will always be effective when you have a shield equipped.
There is no need to keep any amulet, cloak, boots or ring equipped once you have obtained it's attunement.
You can even sell them, unless it's obvious they're required for a quest (Sura Signet Ring, Taryn's ring)
The table is sorted on type, then price.
name type attunement price details / notes
Taymurian Talisman amulet Survival 100 -
Amulet of the Theocrat amulet Spiritslayer 400 unique (see quest items)
Imperial Necklace amulet Winter Curse 2,000 -
Seal of the Lord Protector amulet Demonslayer 8,000 unique, from Lord Malfagon
Soft Leather Boots boots Agility 30 -
Messenger Boots boots Fleet of Foot 60 -
Trapper's Boots boots Grasping Roots 90 -
Demonskin Boots boots Bend Like a Reed 800 -
Sun Cloak cloak Sunlight 20 -
Viridian Cloak cloak Tracking 40 -
Death Shroud cloak Resurrection 200 -
Beast Hide cloak Berserk 1,400 -
Flint Ring ring Burning Aura 10 -
Iron Ring ring Defensive Aura - I 10 -
Copper Ring ring Levitation 20 -
Winged Ring ring Storm Aura 20 -
Silver Ring ring Ice Fear 100 -
Crystalscale Ring ring Frozen Aura 200 -
Eye Ring ring Stone Aura 400 (see quest items)
Gold ring ring Defensive Aura - II 500 -
Bejewelled Ring ring Blinding Light 800 -
Sura Signet Ring ring Defensive Aura - III 6,000 (see quest items)
Mara's Ring ring Path of the Mage 9,000 unique, from Valkarin
Taryn's ring ring Soulthief 12,000 (see quest items)
Imperial Signet Ring ring Defensive Aura - III 16,000 unique; buy from shaman (Black Rock Castle)
Wooden Buckler shield Serendipity 20 small x1.25
Taymurian Shield shield Beastslayer 25 medium x1.5
Militia Shield shield Survival 40 large x2
Corwenth Round Shield shield Serendipity 75 medium x1.5
Gladiator's Buckler shield Quick Study - I 150 medium x1.5
Corwenth Military Shield shield Quick Study - I 200 medium x1.5
Imperial Tower Shield shield Quick Study - II 750 large x2
Protector's shield shield Reflect Damage 1,500 medium x1.5
Sura Great Shield shield Quick Study - III 1,750 large x2
Imperial Sura Buckler shield Fortitude 20,000 small x1.25; unique; from Black Rock Sura Champion