Carg's Kult - Merchants

The merchants are listed in the approximate order you'll encounter them.
name location buys sells notes
Blacksmith Arathen 50% 100%
Joran Cynessa Lost Canyons, Kyallisar, Black Rock Castle 75% 100% Joran moves around a bit, depending on choices you make.
Croesus Arriviste Kyallisar, west of market 100% 120% / 100% Croesus sells at cost price once you finished his quest.
Jeweller Kyallisar, north part of market 100% 120%
Merchant Kyallisar, center of market 100% 120%
Armourer Kyallisar, north east of market 100% 120%
Britek Red Cliff Mines (entrance) 10% 100%
Shaman Black Rock Castle 50% 200%