Carg's Kult - Quests

This is not a walkthrough; the notes contain at most slight clues to solving the quests, or non-obvious side effects.
Note that for any quest item, you will only be able to complete the quest if the item is in your inventory, not in a container.
The quests are in some appropriate order you will find / solve them.
name location, originator XP extra reward description notes
Seal Rift Monastery, Overseer (Holy Chamber, dreamworld) 100 - Seal the Dreamworld rift in the Cathedral of the Monastery.
Rescue Villagers Arathen, Old Warrior Spirit or Little Girl or Forest Guardian 100 - Rescue the villagers being held captive by Taymurian raiders at the forest edge. Taymurians usually imprison their captives by building cages out of natural features.
Buy House Arathen, Girl's mother 50 -1,000 sheckels, house in Arathen (bed and large chest) Buy house in Arathen village from the little girl and her mother so that they can move away to somewhere safer. It costs 1,000 shekels. after freeing the villagers, the campfire in Arathen is dead, so this is an alternative sleeping place
Stop Nightmares Arathen, Girl's Mother or Blacksmith 50 - Stop the villagers from having nightmares by finding and slaying all the rift fiends in the Dreamworld around the village of Arathen. 5 rift fiends to kill
Cure Magistrate’s Son Arathen, Magistrate 50 - Fetch berries from the old Taymurian camp at the forest edge to cure the Magistrate’s son from his poisoning. 1 batch of berries is enough, but you can sell them too.
Appease Miller Arathen, Miller's daughter 50 - Appease the Miller on behalf of the miller’s daughter. She has married the River Guardian, who was unable to pay a dowry. This has left the miller needing someone to work in the mill, but with no money to pay them.
Solve Marriage Dispute Arathen, Miller 50 - The Miller's daughter has eloped with the River Guardian even though he was unable to pay a dowry. Now the Miller has no one to work the mill, and no money to hire someone.
Forest Guardian Arathen, River Guardian 50 Diviner's Staff Bring news from the Forest Guardian in the Vale of Tears to the River Guardian in the village of Arathen.
Boar Meat Arathen, Innkeeper 20 50 per boar meat Bring boar meat to the Innkeper of the Boar’s Head in the village of Arathen. He’ll pay 50 shekels for good quality meat. you can keep earning sheckels for boar meat
Find Lost Eremite Vale of Tears, Forest Guardian 50 - Find what happened to the Forest Guardian’s eremite friend – a religious hermit who went to the monastery for reasons unknown.
Deliver Message to Carissa Cantrecht Vale of Tears, dying messenger 200 - The messenger you met in the Vale of Tears was robbed, and his uniform taken. His dying wish was that his message be delivered to Carissa Cantrecht, whereabouts unknown. if you prefer, you can also sell the scroll; it's not necessary for the story
Stop Arms Sales to Taymurians War Camp, Quarter master 100 discount at War Camp Civil Mage Stop the sale of Corwenth weapons to the Taymurians. When completed, your best merchant before Kyallisar disappears
Stop Wolf-hunters Lost Canyons, Black Fang Taymurian Captain 500 - Eliminate the Wolf-hunters at the brigand camp, at the request of the Black Fang Taymurian Captain in the Lost Canyons. exclusive with the other 'Stop Wolf-hunters'
Stop Wolf-hunters War Camp, General Udric 500 - Eliminate the Wolf-hunters at the brigand camp, at the request of General Udric, the commander of the Kyallisar division of the Corwenth Army. exclusive with the other 'Stop Wolf-hunters'
Eliminate Werewolf Spies War Camp, General Udric 300 - Wipe out the werewolf spies that have infiltrated the Corwenth army war camp.
Destroy Renegade Ishkai Serfs Sura Mines, Sura Slaver 250 ? Wipe out the renegade Ishkai serfs for the Sura slavers who wish to make an example of their escaped servants. exclusive with 'Save Renegade Ishkai Serfs'
Save Renegade Ishkai Serfs War Camp, Ishkai serf 250 - Save the renegade Ishkai serfs from the Sura Slavers who are attempting to capture them and return them to the Sura Tribal lands for punishment. exclusive with 'Destroy Renegade Ishkai Serfs'
Stop Poisoning of Water Supplies War Camp, Carissa 1,000 - Find how the Taymurians are poisoning the water supply at the war camp and stop them.
Joran’s Betrayer Kyallisar, Joran 1,000 500 sheckels Find out who sold out Joran. Here’s a hint – it was you. Joran is only there after completing the 'stop arms sales…' quest
Trick Jasker into Helping Locate Quova Kyallisar, Penta Nera 0 - Jasker the Wild Boar is an old friend of Quova’s and should be able to help locate him. He can be found by taking the south east exit from the market in Kyallisar, leading down - at the end of this path is Jasker's house. To succeed you will likely have to masquerade as a cult member secretly operating from within the Inquisition.
Get into the Gladiator Arena Kyallisar, (Jasker / Krenze) 0 - There’s an underground Gladiator Arena in Kyallisar. It might be a good place to test your mettle.
The Gladiator Arena Kyallisar, Arena 0 per fight won increasing Xp & sheckels Fight in the underground Gladiator Arena for money and glory. The Arena can be found by taking the south east exit leading down from the market in Kyallisar. From the 9 fights you gain 188,750 sheckels and 153,125 Xp.
Meet with Jasker Kyallisar, Sharok (Sewers) 2,500 - Talk to Jasker the Wild Boar on Sharok’s behalf. See if he is willing to side with Sharok. Then, tell Sharok what you learn.
Cleanse Deconsecrated Church Kyallisar, Valkarin (Penta Nera) 5,000 - ? Disempower a local spiritualist cult by slaying the spirits that they worship in the deconsecrated church. The entrance can be found at the east end of the north path in Kyallisar.
Acquire Eye Ring from Soldier Kyallisar, Fanric (market) 5,000 Eye Ring Find something to trade to Line Officer Fanric for his Eye Ring. He is currently on leave in Kyallisar, having been stationed at the war camp. (War Camp quarter master and Madame Zoftig can help)
Buy House in Kyallisar Kyallisar, Property Vendor 2,500 -10,000 sheckels, house in Kyallisar (bed and large chest) Buy house from failing property vendor so he can make his protection payments. The house costs 10,000 shekels.
Get Ledger Kyallisar, Croesus Arriviste 5,000 200 sheckels + discount at Croesus (selling at cost price) Recover the secret ledger belonging to the Prefect of the Market, Croesus Arriviste, and then bring it to him at the merchant house near the Kyallisar market. He has left the ledger in his storehouse, just to the east of the tavern on the north path in Kyallisar. (Croesus also mentioned there was a lever to access a secret entrance to the sewers in the storehouse).
Meet with Sharok Kyallisar, Jasker 2,500 - Talk to Sharok on Jasker’s behalf and try and persuade him to help, then tell Jasker what Sharok says.
Escort Sharok Kyallisar, Sharok (Sewers) 3,000 250 sheckels Escort Sharok, giving him the protection of the Inquisition while he carries out some urgent business. (If you get split up, you can meet Sharok again in the sewers).
Escort Sharok to Brothel Kyallisar, Sharok (Inn) 4,000 100 sheckels Escort Sharok to the brothel, giving him the protection of the Inquisition.
Discourage Nabob from Becoming a Gladiator Kyallisar, Croesus Arriviste 5,000 500 sheckels Croesus Arriviste’s son, Nabob, wants to be a gladiator. Discourage him from doing so by fighting him and letting him down gently – but be careful, as he’s a terrible fighter. Croesus will pay 500 shekels. probably best to fight bare-handed. Perhaps the only quest easier at higher difficulty :)
Stop Demon Attacks Kyallisar, Sharok (Inn) 5,000 500 sheckels Eliminate the Demonspawn which are attacking Sharok’s men in the catacombs under the sewers. The entrance to the catacombs must be somewhere in the sewers.
Kill Gozen Kyallisar, Sharok (Inn) 10,000 2,000 sheckels Kill Gozen at Sharok’s request for 2,000 shekels. To get him, it will be necessary to gain access to the illegal gladiator arena. Once you have proven yourself, Sharok should be able to arrange a match that will get you to Gozen himself. Gozen also was worth 18,750 Xp for me + nice equipment
Kill Sharok Kyallisar, Gozen (Arena) 5,000 5,000 sheckels Kill Sharok for Gozen. He’s offering 5,000 shekels. Accepting this removes 'Kill Gozen' quest
Find Musician for Brothel Kyallisar, Madame Zoftig 5,000 panacea Find a minstrel or other musician to help the atmosphere at Madam Zoftig’s House of Exotica in Kyallisar.
Find Apprentice Kyallisar, Sollan 5,000 - Locate Sollan’s missing apprentice at a nearby Hellgate. You may choose whether to bring him back to Kyallisar or to punish him yourself. bringing him back saves you a walk back
Rescue Jasker’s Son Kyallisar, Jasker 10,000 Taryn's Ring Rescue Jasker’s son from Gozen, the thief master of Kyallisar.
Stop Warring Thieves Kyallisar, Sollan 20,000 - In the absence of Lord Malfagon, Kyallisar is run by the thieves. Two factions are fighting for supremacy, the old thief master, Gozen, and his ex-lieutenant Sharok. Sollan wishes you to find a way to resolve this problem.
Speak to Sice Larwan Kyallisar, Percheron 50,000 Larwan's Staff Speak to Sice Larwan, who dwells in the deep at Red Cliff mines.
Find Sapphires for Britek Red Cliff Mines entrance, Britek 10,000 - Bring sapphires to Britek at the renegade Ishkai camp outside the Red Cliff mines. bringing more sapphires  won't gain you anything
Kill Spider Queen Red Cliff Mines entrance, Ishkai Matriarch 50,000 - Slay the Aphotic Queen at the entrance to the Red Cliff mines.
Wipe Out Renegade Ishkai Sura Mines, Sura Slaver? x (20000) ? Wipe out the renegade Ishkai at Red Cliff Mines for the Sura slavers. Quest not available
Find more Sura Signet Rings Black Rock Castle, Surakai Freeborn 0 (50,000) 6,000 sheckels Find more Sura Signet Rings and sell them to the Surakai Warrior at Black Rock castle. This quest is never assigned; so you only get the 6,000 sheckels for turning in another ring.
Locate Quova Kyallisar, Penta Nera 100,000 - Find the location of Quova the Scarred, who is the spiritual leader of the Cult of the Eternal God. Talion is taking the Godslayer to Quova, so finding Quova should allow you to locate the sword.
Talisanu's Ghost Sura Wastes, Talisanu's Ghost (dreamworld) 100,000 - Find Talisanu’s sister, Ashanaru, and tell her what happened to him.
Defeat Sura Champion Black Rock Castle, Champion 250,000 his equipment + Xp for him. Defeat the Black Rock Sura Champion in a duel.
Assist Orphan Sura Black Rock Castle, Ishkai Midwife 200,000 500 sheckels Find the orphan Sura in the wastes and escort him back to Black Rock castle.
Joran’s Quest Black Rock Castle, Joran 0 12 sapphires OR sura signet ring OR demonskin boots Meet with Joran in seven days time at Black Rock castle and see if he has completed his quest. Joran is only here after completing his other quests
Help Surakai Freeborn Ascend Black Rock Castle, Surakai Freeborn 200,000 6,000 sheckels Find a Sura Signet Ring and sell it to the Surakai Freeborn at Black Rock castle.
Acquire Red Smoke Bonebow Black Rock Castle, Sura Shaman 300,000 discount Civil Mage; gives 20,000 for bow Get the Red Smoke totem - a vicious bonebow - from their champion in the mountains.
Locate Lord Malfagon Kyallisar, Sollan or Krenze 250,000 - (his equipment) Learn what has happened to Lord Malfagon, who left for the Oracle but has not returned.
Meet Quova at Oracle Global, Penta Nera 500,000 - Meet with Quova at the Oracle to the north, in the Red Smoke Mountains. Talion is taking the Godslayer to Quova, so the sword may be at the Oracle.
Confront Talion Global, Quova? 500,000 Godslayer Sword Defeat Talion. Quova will be waiting at the Oracle, and will take you to him when you are ready.
Destroy the Sword Global, Valkarin 1,500,000 the end Locate and destroy the Godslayer sword.