Leiden in 15 minutes

by Camille van den Berg

For some of my American friends, I've shot some pictures while shopping through my home city, Leiden, with my new digital camera (Olympus D-520 zoom).

Hold your mouse over the picture to see a description; click on it to enlarge. Then use the 'back' button of your browser to return to this overview. (each picture is about 100KB)

city hall from Breestraat city hall with monumental stairs 'de Burcht' (Fortress)
entrance gate to 'de Burcht' bridge 'de Korenbeurs'; city hall in background my favorite (organic) restaurant with the owners
recently rebuilt mill 'de Put' at 'Galgenwater' 'scheepstimmerwerf' at the 'Galgenwater' the Rhine, looking at 'de Hoogstraat'
the Rhine, with bar 'Annie's verjaardag' Church 'de Hooglandse kerk' from southwest Church 'de Hooglandse kerk' from southeast
some houses at the 'nieuwstraat' one of the many waters ('grachten'): 'de Herengracht' one of the many bars: 'de Bijlen'