Autumn impression 2002

All pictures are taken on Oct 30th, 2002, in Leiden Zuid-West, Netherlands

Several pictures show results of the storm of Oct 27th, which was the worst one in 12 years.

P1010058.JPG Dutch treat 'Oliebollen en Appelflappen'

P1010059.JPG Starlings gathering to migrate for winter

P1010060.JPG Fallen leaves, gathered into a yard-high pile by a heavy storm.

P1010061.JPG Autumn red, and some late flowers

P1010062.JPG Swan family in a typical Dutch sub-urban setting

P1010063.JPG Storm damage in the park

P1010064.JPG Conifer in mourning

P1010065.JPG More storm damage

P1010066.JPG Willow leaves, tattered by the storm

Winter impression 2002

Both pictures are taken on Dec 19th, 2002, in Voorschoten, Netherlands

PC190087.JPG 'Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen.' A large moon over a frozen lake.

PC190088.JPG Sunset over a frozen landscape.

Spring impression 2003

Picture taken on April 21st, 2003, in Leiden, Netherlands

P4210036.JPG Different plants and trees blooming.

Pictures taken on May 28th, 2003, in Leiden, Netherlands

P5218043.JPG Idyllic willows and bridge seen between birches.

P5280047.JPG blossoming water.

P5280049.JPG Heron Hunting.

P5280050.JPG Ducks at their Sunday Best.