Boat schedules
Select departure on the left; destination at the top, and find in the table which day(s) that boat will sail
Isle of Ashes Sturmford Drangheim Guberland Thronheim Thjorgard Frosgard Lindisfarne
Isle of Ashes x all but Mon,Fri - - - - - -
Sturmford - x all but Mon,Wed - - - - -
Drangheim - Tue, Fri x Mon,Wed,Sat - - - -
Guberland Tue Sun Sat x Wed Thu Fri Mon
Thronheim Mon Thu Wed Fri x Tue Sun Sat
Thjorgard Sat Mon Tue Thu Sun x - Fri
Frosgard - Wed Sun Thu Tue Fri x Mon
Lindisfarne - Tue Mon Wed Fri Sat - x