Links about MM9


the official 3DO MM9 site, and the place to get the patch (1.2) from. (Apparently there's only a patch out for the US version.) There's also an unofficial patch which you can find at it's own page here.

Homepages & FAQs

Youtube video on how to collect all the special 4 artifacts - sent to me by C-dark in 2017.

Flamestryke's MM9 site - Very extensive MM9 site, with almost everything about MM9. A bit slow though due to the many graphics, but worth it.
This is her new site; the sites on and are no longer in use. - Extensive MM9 site with skills, training, magic, bugs, hints, walkthrough with maps, etc.

Klaravoyia's home - Klaravoyia has collected a number of useful pages and sheets. She also made fixes for some bugs in the game. Not a flashy site, but effective.

NetDanzr's FAQ - extensive FAQ and walkthrough, gives a difficulty level for quests, has a spell chart.

Yet Another Might and Magic 9 Site - Starting site with indexed maps, list of quests (incomplete), artifacts (incomplete).

D.O.S. guide - RangerMan's Dungeon of Secrets extensive walkthrough (pictures won't load with me though :( )


Telp's MM9 Tavern - active, friendly Forum with search facility.

The Round Table - Forum with search facility.

GameFAQs - Forum, FAQs (spells, boat schedule, a walkthrough by Tim Hollebeek and a comprehensive but as yet unfinished FAQ by Don "Gamera" Chan), and a trainer (modify character attributes, spells, skills)

Foreign languages

the official Japanese MM9 site - very comparable to the English MM9 site.

Might and Magic world - German site; with walkthrough with maps, artifacts, skills, trainers, etc.

Portails sur Might and Magic - French site; Has extensive pdf files (acrobat) of e.g. shops and of monsters; and promises for many more.

MM9 - Czech site with highscores and probably a lot more (but my Czech isn't that good :)

TRAVEL INC. - Russian site with walkthrough with maps, artifacts, spells, highscores

Shanghai online - Chinese site with a number of articles about MM9: player's guide, boat schedule, promotion and Jarl quests, keyboard/mouse commands setup for Chinese Windows (hex editing), and early strategies. (Thanks to Don "Gamera" Chan for translating!)


A MM9 trainer to alter your promotion quests, by Donovan Hawkins.
(Note that there is another trainer available at GameFAQs: see the forums section.)

A savegame editor - This editor lets you edit the statistics, skills, spells and items of the characters. It is a java application, which means you'll also need de Java runtime environment. (All is explained in the html file in the docs folder after you unpack the zip file.)

Irfanview - a freeware image viewer that can handle the image format of the maps on this site.