Outside maps of Might and Magic IX

I have made complete maps of the outside area's and the cities, to print them and make notes on them (since the 'terrific' automap function doesn't support notes (or zoom, or scroll, or ...)). For the ease of printing I have converted them to grayscale (the colors were not functional, so why spend more expensive ink), and brightened them.
They are in .png format, because that supports grayscale images and compresses better than gif. They are still pretty large though (up to 490 KB). If your browser doesn't support png files, you might download them and view/print them in a photo program. (use e.g. Irfanview, a freeware image viewer).

Other sites offer indexed maps, usually as part of a walkthrough. These maps you can use without getting spoiled, and to keep track of where you've already been.

city country
Arslegard (264KB)  
Drangheim (280KB) Drangheim (205KB)
Frosgard (103KB) Frosgard (260KB)
Guberland (406KB) Guberland (269KB)
  Isle of Ashes (108KB)
  Lindisfarne (234KB)
Ravensford (132KB)  
Sturmford (332KB) Sturmford (182KB)
Thjorgard (259KB) Thjorgard (283KB)
Thronheim (490KB) Thronheim (229KB)
  Yorwick (258KB)