Official MM9 patch 1.2

At the moment it doesn't seem possible to download to official patch 1.2 from 3DO. Therefore it can be downloaded here for as long as it's not otherwise available (7.7 MB). This is the only official patch I have; it updates the English version of MM9 from version 1.0 to 1.2. It is supplied here as is, just as I downloaded it previously from 3DO. (The date of the patchfile is Apr 6th, 2002.)

Unofficial MM9 patch

In June 2003 a new unofficial patch has been made available to fix many of the problems with MM9. It appears to solve all issues which were patched before by KKC and Klar (see below), plus many more. (Because I'm not playing the game anymore, I haven't tested it, but it appears very thorough.) Get the patch at Telp's patch page.

KKC's patch

(should be obsolete with Telp's patch, but still available)

KKC, collaborating with Flamestryke (take a look at her site; it's in the links section), has fixed a number of scripting errors with the quests in the game. My thanks to them for picking up where 3DO left.
Since the list of changes contains spoilers, it is at the bottom of this page.

All changes are done to one file: MM9\data\RUDE.REZ. The zip file below contains just that file, so you'll have to make a backup of the original RUDE.REZ file, and then unzip the new file into the data directory. (It might be safest to do this while the game is not running.)

Note: this patch is for the English (US) version only!

Get zip file with the patch (version u3) here (173 KB)

If in any way the patch doesn't work for you, just restore your backup of the RUDE.REZ file.

There is also a temporary fix for the bug with the disappearing writ in Verhoffin's Ruins. Use this fix only when you've fallen victim to this bug, and restore the previous situation afterwards. If you have trouble downloading this fix there, you can also get it here. Make sure you've read the instructions though.
Thanks to Klaravoyia, for supplying a solution for people caught by this bug, who now don't need to start all over, after playing the game two thirds through.

And finally a disclaimer: these patches are in no way related to 3DO or New World Computing, and installing them is at your own risk. However I believe the patches were made with good intentions, and my game still worked after installing them (haven't tried all the quests yet, but the bathhouse neatly cleared for me). I detected no viruses either, but feel free to check for yourself: better safe than sorry ;)

List of changes (contains spoilers)

Version u1 changes:
  1. Heal Nutty - the quest will now leave your log when you get promoted no matter what.
  2. Slay Dragon - It's now OK to find the missing relic before talking to the Abbot.
  3. Hanndl's Spear - You can be a Priest and still get the quest. Now, you can talk to Hanndl after he let's you into Arslegard and take the dialogue option "You don't like us very much".
  4. Bathhouse - Quest clears after talking to Jokul the Ugly.
  5. Bikki - You'll get the Bikki quest no matter what you do after the council. (Except maybe Town Portal out of there before Yrsa arrives. That was not tested.)
Additional version u2 changes:
  1. Dialogue of the new Priest. He just says "finish your other jobs" instead of "I'll see you there."
  2. The text after you place the capstone. It says "Pick up the Writ. It is on the table behind the alter. Then go to Arslegard". This should remove the confusion caused by "you have the Writ".
Additional version u3 changes:
  1. Fixed a bug in the 'Slay dragon' patch of version u2: the artifact was given to the abbot Jeffrey before the party really found it.
  2. Abbot Jeffrey will no longer have the dialogue line "We've returned for the Priest" once you have talked to the new Priest.