Promotions along the paths of Might and Magic
(note that the quest column contains serious spoilers!)
From To location Quest(s)
Fighter Mercenary Thronheim, Inn guard a boat for Atli Sigmundssen (near Guberland fair)
Fighter Crusader Drangheim, Temple defeat the Yobboes (bandits between Drangheim city and the village)
Initiate Scholar Thjorgard, University study a Magreeb (Thjorgard, close to the passage to Frosgard)
Initiate Healer Guberland, Temple heal Nutti Nurtigan (get hair in cave in West Guberland, take it to apothecary)
Mercenary Assassin Drangheim, Inn 1) kill a man (bandit-looking guy wandering around Drangheim city)
2) burgle a dagger from Kluso's house (Drangheim city, the one on the mantelpiece)
Mercenary Gladiator Sturmford, Town Hall 1) get a basilisk skin (e.g. behind Anskram Keep)
2) steal shield of Kira (Thronheim)
3) win at the Arena at Lord level (Thjorgard)
Crusader Ranger Frosgard, south of Temple 1) complete the Dungeon of Secrets (Frosgard), setting off no trap
2) find the bow Everstrike (Dook's Castle, Guberland)
Crusader Paladin Lindisfarne monastery, courtyard 1) save a life (jarl of Thjorgard's, Arena)
2) condemn a family (arrest Hatlati Oord in Sturmford as a thief; put him in jail)
3) save a family (get a job for Oord's eldest son at the magic shop)
Scholar Mage Thjorgard, University find Verhoffin's diary (Verhoffin's ruins; Drangheim village)
Scholar Lich Frosgard, south of Inn 1) get second part of recipe in Chasm of the Dead (2/3 of the way down)
2) follow the recipe (Lich Lab, Yorwick)
Healer Priest Guberland, Temple help build a new temple:
1) find a new priest (Lindisfarne monastery)
2) get the ritual of Consecration (Frosgard city, in training area)
3) find the holy symbol 'tree of life' (ruined temple, Frosgard)
Healer Druid Frosgard, north of Magic Shop get the green man (Southeast Frosgard) to return to Frosgard city:
1) get 7 pledges from Frosgard citizens for his return (all over the city)
2) repair the maypole (ask pole-repairman)
3) erect a runestone (ask Jarl)