Securing in Clothing
This page is about making overalls and similar garments so, that the wearer can't remove them without one or more keys, unless (s)he destroys the garment, or at least needs some tools and time to get free.
Where possible extra attention is payed to making the bondage inconspicuous, so that it can be worn in public without immediately drawing attention.

The emphasis here is on clothes that in some way envelop your torso, so that you are really surrounded by it:

Overalls and similar clothes offer some nice possibilities to add some extra bondage.
More clothes and the like are mentioned in the section related fetishes, and tips for finding suitable clothes you can find on my selecting confining clothes page.

Most of my padlocks
Many of the tips above use padlocks, so it helps to have a collection of them in different sizes. A nice thing about padlocks is, that you can close them without having the key, so they can be used for self-bondage, or locking yourself in until your partner arrives with the keys.
You can use alternatives though, like tie-wraps, or sewing that has to be cut to get out again.
Be aware that you might not need to secure all fastenings with locks: superfluous ones you can close 'permanently', by which I mean you need tools or scissors to open them. Example: overalls with side buttons on both sides rarely need to unbuttoned on both sides, so you can just close one side permanently (e.g. by sewing).
On the other hand, if you don't need any fastenings to get in or out of the clothing, you're probably better off trying to find a closer fitting ones, or start altering them to add restraint artificially.