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This site is about combining wearing overalls and similar garments, with consensual bondage. It's about bib overalls, dungarees in British, not the British overalls, which are sort of a coat-like alternative to an apron. Though overalls with long and with short legs (shortalls) have the main focus, other clothing that envelops your torso is also touched upon. This includes things like jumpsuits, onesies and jumpers (skirtalls, not the British sweater).

A large part of this site explains how you can make overalls and similar garments so, that the wearer can't remove them without one or more keys, unless (s)he destroys the garment, or at least needs some tools and time to get free. The idea is not to make it tamper-proof, like with chastity belts, but to induce some feeling of helplessness and relinquishing control in a play situation. Securing in Clothes... deals with specific ways to make clothing 'secure'; most of it deals with overalls and the like, but there is also some info on other clothing.

In 2014 I've started working with models to create my own material, which you can find at the My Model Shoots... section.

Long before that I've been collecting material from all over the Internet, which you can find at the Pics from the Net... section.

Over the years I've been sent material by several contributors.

A number of fetishes have things in common with bondage and/or overalls. I have compiled a list of Related Fetishes.
There are a few movies and series episodes with women in overalls getting tied up. I've made a small attempt to list those I know.

And of course a good site should give you some links to other sites, and contain an update log.
Finally a few words About Me, and some ideas what a pair of locking overalls could look like, and a few things I created, in My Own Designs.

model icon Call for models
If you're female, at least 18, and living in or prepared to come to the Netherlands, I could use you to model my overalls collection, with or without some bondage. If prefer, your face can be made unrecognizable in the pictures. You can find some other photos and references at my PurplePort profile.
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