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The reason the tables are like this, is that the information was collected in Microsoft Excel™, and then saved as html. You can also download the original Excel sheet.
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Kult: Heretic Kingdoms: the Inquisition

OK, that's a composition of the European and American title of the game. But I guess you already know what this page is about anyhow.
This fansite contains a number of subpages that can be accessed from the menu on the left, but below I'll list them again, which gives me an opportunity to explain a bit more about them.
SPOILER WARNING: Well, you can't expect me not to give any more information than the game manual supplies! But I do try to only give information that you'd expect. So if you visit the list of melee weapons, you will see an entry there for the Godslayer Sword, how much damage it does and such, but not how to find it. But if you visit the quest items page, you will see where to find and use it.


When your character starts to develop, you gain more and more advancement points to increase your abilities. What exactly the effects are of increasing melee or speed you can find at the Abilities by Numbers page.
When gaining a new level, you can see how your stats change at the levelling page.

When I started the game, it took me a while to figure out exactly how the attunements work. Some people might like that challenge, others prefer to get some extra explanation, so I wrote an introduction to explain how they work. It doesn't contain spoilers about the game, and only a few examples about specific attunements.
Actually you can find most of it in the game manual too, but most people don't read that anyhow, and this is differently, and more extensively, worded.

If you want to be completely spoiled about all attunements, see the list here.

The World

While finding out which items contained which attunements, I decided I might as well collect the other info on the items, and that in turn led to the prices of the items at different merchants.

Do you want to know what quests there are, where to get them and what reward they bring? Check out the Quest page. Note that the solution of the quests is not given: that's what a walkthrough is for. But as you wander around the map, you can check how many hexmarks, chests etc. you were supposed to find at each location.


The list of items is retrieved from the file itemnames_eng.txt from the sub-folder global, and a number of obviously irrelevant ones removed. Some items I still haven't found in the game, but they might be there somewhere. (Light Mace, Darsen's necklace, Valkarin's staff and Healing Crystal)
The price of the item is what Croesus Arriviste calls 'cost value': the price you buy and sell with him after doing his quest. Other merchants either buy cheaper or sell more expensive (or both): see the page 'Merchants'.

Since the list of items is over 200 long, I decided to split it up according to type: there are


As said before, most of the information on this site is collected in Excel. If you have that, or another spreadsheet program that imports .xls files, you might want to download the the original Excel sheet. It will also allow you to sort the tables on different criteria, if for example you want to compare all fire based melee weapons, or to scale it so you can print more on one page, or leave out some columns, or ...

And of course there are some pages a website can't be without: a list of links, and a history where you can read what's new (and what's old).

Don't forget to email me with what you think of this site, corrections (there are bound to be some mistakes with this many facts), or what you'd like to see added.
Enjoy, Carg85

And of course, Kult: Heretic Kingdoms is intellectual property of "Project Three Interactive and the creative minds of 3D People". Carg's Kult is just the name of this page, an abbreviation of Carg's Kult Pages, but implies no ownership of the game.