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It's a picture-poor and content-heavy site, probably because I'm more interested in collecting and ordering the data, than in making a flashy homepage, and because if I want to know something myself, I prefer it to appear instantly. The page is designed with a resolution of at least 800x600 in mind. (Otherwise you'll need to do an awful lot of scrolling.)
If you arrived on this page from e.g. a search engine, and don't have the index on the left side (no frames), you might prefer the frames version.

I've collected most game info in an Excel workbook, and saved the sheets as html for easier browsing. (see the listing below) You can also get the original workbook, so you can sort the data the way you want (e.g. all artifacts of a set together), or alter the data. Of course you do need Excel then. (This sheet currently grows almost every day, and might contain sheets not available in html, either because they're not ready yet, or because the info is not interesting enough for a larger audience.)
Sometimes the pages saved from Excel show some overlapping lines; I haven't found out yet what causes this, but if you reselect the same page, it's gone.
The tables in the data pages can get pretty wide, making it hard to know you're looking at the right line when you've scrolled to the right. A tip: put your mouse on the line you're interested in, completely to the left. Now drag it one line down (pressing the left button), and you'll see the line becomes selected. Now you can scroll through the table, while this line stays high-lighted as long as you don't click in the table any further.

enjoy, Carg85